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Fate of ‘Life on Mars’ lander in balance after descent to planet

DARMSTADT, canada goose Germany (Reuters) A European space lander reached Mars on Wednesday in what scientists hope will mark a major milestone in exploration of the Red Planet, homesite Canada Goose UK but whether it touched down on the surface in good working condition was far from certain. canada goose uk shop spacecraft already canada goose uk outlet in orbit relayed data of the lander six minute descent. Then the transmission stopped, leaving questions over what canada goose coats on sale state the disc shaped 577 kg (1,272 lb) Schiaparelli probe was in.

However, the primary part of the mission, bringing the lander mothership into orbit around Mars to search for signs of life, canadian goose jacket was a success, the agency said.

fly to Mars is a very Canada Goose Coats On Sale big challenge. To fly and be in safe orbit is a very big challenge, ESA Director General Jan Woerner said at ESA Space Operations Centre in Darmstadt, Germany.

Schiaparelli, which is testing technologies for a rover cheap Canada Goose due to follow in 2020, represents only Canada Goose Online the second European attempt to land a craft on the Red Planet.

A Schiaparelli crash could impact plans for canada goose clearance the cheap canada goose uk 2020 rover, though that mission is now using a different type of landing system, canada goose clearance sale ESA scientist Olivier Witasse said during a webcast press conference at the American Astronomical Society meeting in Pasadena, California.

design of buy canada goose jacket the system has changed over the last few years. We will not reuse all the technology Canada Goose Outlet from Schiaparelli, so it will impact, but not dramatically, if there is a failure with Schiaparelli, Witasse said.

ESA said more information about Schiaparelli should be available on Thursday, when scientists have had a chance to analyze data from the buy canada goose jacket cheap orbiting craft.

your fingers, we still have hope, Woerner said. space agency NASA canada goose store trouble as well.

An illustration released by the European Space Agency (ESA) shows the Schiaparelli EDM lander. President Barack Obama recently highlighting his pledge to send people to the surface by the 2030s.

this mission we laying the foundation for going there, astronaut Alexander Gerst, who is set to become the first German commander of the International Space Station in 2018, told Reuters TV. entrepreneur has said he would Canada Goose sale like to launch the first crew as early as 2024.

SIGNS OF LIFE? The primary goal of ExoMars, the European Russian program that launched Schiaparelli, is to find out whether life has ever existed on Mars.

The spacecraft on which the lander traveled, Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO), carries an atmospheric probe to study trace gases such as methane around the planet.

Scientists believe that methane, a chemical that on Earth is strongly tied to life, could canada goose black friday sale stem Canada Goose Jackets from micro canada goose uk black friday organisms Canada Goose online that canada goose factory sale either became extinct millions of years ago and left gas frozen below the planet surface, or that some methane producing organisms still survive.

there is life in our solar system beyond Earth, then uk canada goose outlet Mars is the most interesting planet, ESA Woerner told Reuters TV.

The second part of Canada Goose Parka the ExoMars mission, delayed to 2020 from 2018, will canada goose coats deliver a European rover to Mars. It will be the first with the ability to both move across the planet uk canada goose surface and drill into the ground to collect and analyze samples.

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The cost of the ExoMars mission to ESA, including the second part due in 2020, is expected to be about 1.3 billion euros ($1.4 billion). Russia contribution comes on top of that.

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